Installing Windows Phone 8.0 SDK on Unsupported Windows OS Versions


You don't own a Windows 8 Pro x64 and your CPU doesn't support SLAT. But you own a Windows Phone 8 Device and have installed

Visual Studio 2012. You want to build Windows Phone 8.0 apps. When you run the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK setup, it gives you the following




Normally it gets your OS Settings, if your settings don't meet requirements then the setup fails. If you don't own a Windows 8 Pro

x64 OS, then you need to do some hacking.


1) Download the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK ISO file from Microsoft Downloads:

or you can download the web setup file from:


2) If you have downloaded the web setup then you can extract the .msi files using a basic command-line code.

Let's say we have downloaded the web setup in to the "C:\data" folder, we can extract the contents using: 

C:\data>WPexpress_full   /layout

This will open the setup file and request a location to download the contents to.


3) If the web setup or ISO file download has finished, you need to install the msi files, except when you extract the ISO, you should not install the folders starting with "VC..." and "VS_CLEAN".They are related to Visual C++ libraries.

Just start installing msi setups in the extracted folders. But some of them only accept the x64 platform, so if you have a 32-bit OS,
 ignore them.

Some of them, especially Emulation Images will require Hyper-V, so you won't be installing them either.

After installing the last setup, here comes the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK installed on your Visual Studio 2012:


But then again, let me remind you; you cannot run or test your apps unless you have an Unlocked WP8 device.

Remember! Emulation Images were never installed by the lack of OS and SLAT feature.

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