Windows Store Development Tips and Tricks-8 : Installing Packages Through PowerShell

Windows Store Application packages (.appx) can also be installed through PowerShell.

Here's what you need to do first:

I assume you've already created and built your solution. Right-click on your project and select "Store->Create App Packages..."


After clicking on this menu item, a new window will display:


It asks us if we want to upload this app to Windows Store. Select No and click Next to continue.

The next Window tells us more about our app build configurations, versioning and where the package will be created on your hard drive:


After you did everything, Click Create and it will first build the application and then an output window will appear reporting the output is created:


It also suggests (which I also suggest!) to run "Windows App Certification Kit", this small kit controls your package, if it passes certification (a set of tests including; performance,Windows Store Certification rules and guidelines).

Click OK to exit.

Now, go to the output folder which this window generated lately.

Do you see a file with an extension ".ps1":


This is a PowerShell Script, just run it with PowerShell (it contains dozens of PS Scripts to install a package):


Write "Y" or click Enter to start installation:


The installation has begun, a PowerShell-like "ProgressBar" counts to complete the task.

And here we are:


Installation completed! Press Enter and exit here.

Now when I look at the Metro (Modern) UI, I see my app "SehirlerTesti" there!


Hope that helps!