Rectifying MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION Error Message in Windows XP

A STOP error message in Windows XP is typically caused after your computer encounters a serious system error. Two major consequences that you
might face after the occurrence of a STOP error can be unbootable hard drive and data inaccessibility. To recover the data in such situations, you need to restore the lost or inaccessible files from the latest backup. But if you have not created any backup or the backup fails to restore the required data, then you need to recover and restore it by using advanced Data Recovery Software.

Consider a practical scenario, where you encounter the below STOP error message when you are working on your Windows XP system:


"STOP: 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

The four parameters in the above error message vary as per the system configuration.


The data saved in the hard drive becomes inaccessible after the above error message appears.


The above error message primarily occurs because your computer processor identified and reported an unrecoverable hardware error to Windows XP operating system. To report the hardware error, the computer processor uses MCE (Machine Check Exception) feature of Pentium processors or the MCA (Machine Check Architecture) feature of few Pentium Pro Processors.

Other factors responsible for the above error message are:

  • System bus errors
  • Memory errors that may include parity
  • Error Correction Code (ECC) problems
  • Cache errors in the processor or hardware
  • Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLB) errors in the processor
  • Other CPU vendor specific detected hardware problems
  • Vendor specific detected hardware problems


To troubleshoot and resolve the above error message, you will need to follow these steps:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Use the Windows Error Reporting tool

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Contact your hardware manufacturer


However, if the above steps are unable to resolve your problem and data still remains inaccessible, then you need to reinstall Windows XP operating system. A clean install of Windows XP operating system will erase all the data from the selected hard drive partition. In such scenarios, to recover the lost data, you need to opt for advanced data recovery software. Such Data Recovery Tools employ powerful scanning algorithms to comprehensively scan, recover and restore the lost files from your hard drive. With to-the-point documentation, self-explanatory user interface, automated recovery procedure and advanced recovery features these recovery utilities serve as easy-to-understand and user-friendly Data Recovery applications.


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