How to get Dock and Wrap panels in Silverlight4

If you observe WPF and Silverlight controls. Most of the controls in WPF are available in Silverlight4.

Take the layout controls as an example.

Layout controls are:

  1. Canvas
  2. Grid
  3. Stack panel
  4. Dock panel
  5. Wrap panel etc..
In Silverlight4 only Canvas, Grid and stack panels are available. So how to get the Dock and wrap panels..

So here is the solution.

Go through this link

Close the Visual studio or Expression studio editors if they open that time. Then Save and run the msi installer.

doc and wrap.GIF

Now you can see the Dock and wrap panel controls in your Silverlight control list like this:


So many new controls will add like this…

Hope it help you....

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