Convert String to Enum

How to convert a string value to an enumeration.

I have an enum SortFilter, which looks like following:

public enum SortFilter







Now, let's say I want to display the string value of enum in some control. For that, I will have to convert Enum value to string. For example, I want to add all enum string values to a DropDownList. The following code loops through the enumeration and adds string values to it. Here SortByList is DropDownList.


// Conversion from Enum to String

foreach (string item in Enum.GetNames(typeof(ArrayListBinding.SortFilter)))



This code converts an enum to string:

string name= Enum.GetName(typeof(ArrayListBinding.SortFilter), SortFilter.FirstName);

Now let's say, you have an enum string value say, "FirstName" and now you want to convert it to Enum value. The following code converts from a string to enum value, where Developer.SortingBy is of type SortFilter enumeration:

// Conversion from String to Enum

Developer.SortingBy = (SortFilter)Enum.Parse(typeof(SortFilter), "FirstName");