TranslateTransform in WPF

TranslateTransform is used to move an element from one position to other. The X and Y properties are used to move an element towards the x and y axes.


The code listed in Listing creates two rectangles with same position and sizes accept the second rectangle is translated to 50 and 20 pixels towards x and y axes respectively.


<Rectangle Width="200" Height="50" Fill="Yellow" Margin="61,27,117,184" />

<Rectangle Width="200" Height="50" Fill="Blue"  Opacity="0.5" Margin="59,101,119,110">


        <TranslateTransform X="50" Y="20" />




The output of Listing looks like Figure 1.



Figure 1


The code listed in Listing creates a TranslateTransform object dynamically and set it as RenderTransform property of a Rectangle. The output looks like Figure .


private void TranslateTransformSample()


    Rectangle originalRectangle = new Rectangle();

    originalRectangle.Width = 200;

    originalRectangle.Height = 50;

    originalRectangle.Fill = Brushes.Yellow;



    Rectangle movedRectangle = new Rectangle();

    movedRectangle.Width = 200;

    movedRectangle.Height = 50;

    movedRectangle.Fill = Brushes.Blue;

    movedRectangle.Opacity = 0.5;

    TranslateTransform translateTransform1 = new TranslateTransform(50, 20);

    movedRectangle.RenderTransform = translateTransform1;




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