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Creating Logo Using Expression Design 4

Creating a logo is not easy without Photoshop but Microsoft Expression Design 4 make it possible.

Every company needs a physical recognition to display itself and that is where the need of a logo design is felt. A logo is a good approach to represent a business and also easy to remember. Your logo needs to be exceptional that stands out in the market among all the competitors. Creating a logo is not easy without Photoshop but Microsoft Expression Design 4 makes it possible.

So, let's try to create a Logo for C# corner:

Step 1: Open a New Document in Expression Design and from the tools select the Polygon:


  • Draw three polygons of the following width and Height:


  • Adjust all of them by changing the Angle to make a triangle :

  • Select the left polygon and fill it using Gradient :

    Select the gradient from the Properties -> Fill -> More Swatches -> Categories -> Gradients :

    I have selected the last gradient of the first row.

  • Now Change the colors of the gradient by changing the Red "R", Green "G" and Blue "B" Color:

  • Repeat the same Procedure for the other two polygons:

    Note: Yellow color will be same for all polygons.


  • Remove the stroke from all the three polygons:

  • There is Text tool in the tool panel ExpDesign9.gif; select it and write C# Corner as under:


    Now, change the properties of the text shown on the righthand side of the window :

    C and Corner should be written using the following properties :


    Your design would be like this :

  • Let's change the color of the text; apply the shadow effect to it:

    For color effect select Text and change the Fill property:


For Shadow effects select all the objects and Goto Effects -> fx(Add Effects) -> Effects -> Drop Shadow:


To have dull effects of shadow:


Remove the shadow effect from "#":


Logo in Different Styles: