Social Networking Website in ASP.NET - Open Source Project

This is an open source project named as RNetworking. In this project I am showing a social networking web site functionality. In this you can make your profile, search other profiles by name, manage friend network by sending friend request, you can also chat with other users.
I made this application in .NET 3.5 and my database is in SQL Server 2008. I have my database in application folder App_data. To run this application just attach this database on your machine and change the connection string in App_Code -> DataBaseClass.cs. This is my database layer class.
Now when you run the application, the first time the login page will show. If you have already registered with the site, then enter your Email id and password and the application will redirect to your profile page. And if you don't have an account then click on Not Registered Yet ?. This will redirect you to registration  page.
You can use: [email protected]
This is the login page.
 login page
Image 1.
Below is the registration page.
 registration page
Image 2.
This is user detail page.
user detail page
Image 3.
From the top of the page you can search user. This is search result page.
search result page
Image 4.
By clicking on user image you will be redirected to your user profile. You can send friend requests to any user from his profile page and you can chat
with this user. The page will look like this:
Image 5.
The profile page will look like below when friend request is sent to any user.
profile page
Image 6.
From here user can accept friend request and deny friend request. If user accepts request then this user will show in right side in friend section.
friend section
Image 7.

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