Creating a InfoPath Form Library

Step 1: Create a InfoPath Form Library
  1. Create a InfoPath Form Library
  2. Go to Setting of Form Library Setting-->Advance Setting-->Check Display as a Web Page under Browser-enabled documents.
Step 2: Enable InfoPath Browser from Feature, in SharePoint
  1. Go to Site Collection Feature and ensure that InfoPath Form Service Support is Active.
  2. In Central Admin, Go to Application Management then Click Configure InfoPath Forms Services under InfoPath Form Service Tab. Ensure that both option of User Browser –Enabled Form Templates are selected.
Step 3: Create a browser compatible form template and publish it to SharePoint, in InfoPath
  1. In InfoPath create a new blank  browser enabled form template, by checking option enabled browser compatible feature only.
  2. Design the Form based on your requirements
  3. Go to menu-->Select Tools-->Submit Option-->Check allow users to submit this form & Select SharePoint Document Library from dropdown & Click Add button there & now you are @ Data Connection Wizard , give the url of doc lib (http://site/doclibname/) in text box for Document Library & Click to Formula Tab for Forms & then Click Insert Function & take TEXT from categories and select CONTACT from function-->Click OK-->and pass formula like contact("Form", Now())-->click OK.
  4. Select allow overwrite if file exists @ Data Connection wizard -->Click Next-->now you are Back to, Submit Option. Click Advance--> then select close form against After Submit.
  5. Finally click OK
  6. Go to Tools-->Select Form Option-->uncheck  Show toolbar at bottom of form under Browser categories -->Click OK) Save the Form.
  7. Then Publish the Form by selecting Publish from File from menu tab.
  8. Select To SharePoint Server with or without InfoPath Form Service on Publishing Wizard -->go to Next-->pass the url of web  site (https://sitename/) --> Next --> check Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser and select Document library -->click Next -->select update the form template  in an existing document library --> then select  created form library which you have  created -->Next -->Next-->Publish-->click close button to Close the publishing wizard.
Step 4: Test Info Path
  1. Go to Form library -->create new Form -->fill data -->submit.