Have you Questioned Yourself, Why my Browser is too Slow?

To load the web page, your browser will traverse 11 sub systems or steps to display your web content :-) Interesting right !!! Let's see,

1. Network - First subsystem which is responsible for client / server interaction. This relies on the hosted server's performance and individual user's network traffic.

2. HTML - Followed by the HTML - sub system. This allows you to download the HTML content from the server and structured it back to the client machine.

3. CSS - Cascade Style sheet, this will provide you the customised colouring and structure to the content. The details will be collected and it will be used later (In point 8).

4. Collections - Accessing metadata information related to your HTML. This guy will take care of segregating your head and body contents separately.

5. Java script - Client side scripts which will execute based on the user's action.

6. Marshalling - Java script engine can't directly interact with the browser. Marshalling is a special communication layer between JavaScript engine and your browser.

7. DOM API - Special API's responsible for interaction between JavaScript engine and your browser.

8. Formatting - All your objects will be formatted based on the CSS information collected.

9. Block building - Your objects will be segregated as separate blocks

10. Lay out formation - Now, depends on your Web parts or Frames or div tag or Table. Your layouts will be formed.

11. Image Rendering - Rendering of images (or) drawing to the screen through CPU or GPU.


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