Deploy and run your Cloud Application project - Create Service Package Only

This article helps to show how to deploy or publish and run your first Cloud Application on Windows Azure.


   Before starting refer articles how to create your first Cloud Application and how to setup Windows Azure platform or subscriptions.

Getting Started
   Step 1: 

Right click on project and select Publish.


      A new window will open with multiple options. In this article we will cover first option "Create Service Package Only". 

      This is a lengthy manual process which will publish two files in project publish folder, later we upload to WA platform.


   Step 2:
Check your registered email inbox for all the confirmation mails sent from Microsoft Online Services Team. 

Open the email with subject "Purchase confirmation of order xxxxxx", click on link "Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal" 

      and sign in to access your account and subscription details. Or, login to the url ( with your credentials.

      Sucessful login will takes to the following page.

Step 3:

      Now click on New Hosted Service (IMG 1). A modal popup will open titled "Create a New Hosted Service".


      1. Select your subscription from list.

      2. Enter a name for your service.

      3. Enter an url prefix for your application access. The red border color indicates the selected perfix already in use. (IMG 2)

      4. Select an avaliable url prefix.

      5. Select a region or server location to deploy your application.

      6. Select Affinity group (IMG 3) if you also have an SQL Azure to deploy (we will discuss this later).

      7. You can select Deployment options, here we select "Deploy to production environment".

      8. Default selected, Start after successful deployement. This will run your application when deployed.

      9. Give a Deployement Name for reference.

     10. Attach the package location and configuration file from the publish folder.

     11. Click on "OK".

      You will encounter an error as shown below.

      To overcome this error, change the Instances count to "2". <Instances count="2" /> (IMG 6).

        For default deployment at WA platform the application needs two instances. Close the modal popup and edit ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file (IMG 5).

      Rebuild and publish again the project and follow the preceding same steps again (Step 3).


 Step 4:
      The deployment process takes around 15 - 20 mins. There are three stages of deployement, Initializing, Busy and Ready.


      Once status changed to Ready, now the application is ready to access. Click on the url available on right side of window (DNS Name).



Now the deployment process is and the application is now available on internet.

     You can also Upgrade, Configure, Delete, Start or Stop the Deployments.


      Tip: Remember to Delete the deployment if not needed, so you can save your money.


Hope this article helped to deploy your Cloud Application. Please comment!