ToolTip in Windows Application

Using the ToolTip class, you can provide hints to a user when the user places the pointer on a control. The ToolTip class is typically used to alert users to the intended use of a control.

  1. ToolTip.IsBalloon Property:- To show Balloon using ToolTip,set the Property IsBalloon=true with the ToolTip object as follows:

    ToolTipobject.IsBalloon = true;
  2. ToolTip.ShowAlways Property:- Sets the ShowAlways property to true to enable ToolTip text to be displayed regardless of whether the form is active as follows:

    ToolTipobject.ShowAlways = true;
  3. ToolTip.ToolTipTitle Property:- Sets a title for the ToolTip window. The maximum length of a title is 99 characters. If this property contains a string longer then 99 characters, no title will be displayed.

    ToolTipobject.ToolTipTitle="User Title";
  4. ToolTip.SetToolTip Method:- SetToolTip () is used Set up the ToolTip text for the Button.

    ToolTipobject.SetToolTip(button1, "Hi User,Click me.");

    For Example:

    private void toolTip1_Popup(object sender, PopupEventArgs e)
    ToolTip buttonToolTip = new ToolTip();
    buttonToolTip.ToolTipTitle =
    "Button Tooltip";
    buttonToolTip.IsBalloon =
    buttonToolTip.ShowAlways =
    "Hi User,Click me.");


    ToolTip.BackColor Property:

    BackColor Property is used Gets or sets the background color for the ToolTip.

    ToolTipobject.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Navy;

    ToolTip.ForeColor Property:

    ForeColor Property is used Gets or sets the foreground color for the ToolTip.

    ToolTipobject.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;