Adding Scrollbar in SharePoint list Web Part and customizing look and feel

Learn how to add a scrollbar in a SharePoint list Web Part and customize the look and feel of a SharePoint List web part.

In this article I will explain how we can customize the look and feel of a SharePoint List web part.

Step 1: Adding a List Web Part to a SharePoint page.

  • Open SharePoint; click on site action tab and select edit page.



  • Now the Default .aspx page will be open in edit mode.

  • Click on web part zone to add list web part.



  • Now web part window will be open, select Tasks web part from the List and Libraries section and click on ok button.



  • Now Tasks list web part will be added to the default.aspx page.


Step 2: Customizing Look and feel of the Task List Web Part.

  • Click on "Add a Web Part" and add a Content Editor Web Part.



  • Now click on the edit menu of the Content Editor Web Part and choose Modify Shared Web Part.

  • Now Tool Pan will be open to modify web part.



  • Click on source editor and paste the following code.

    <style type="text/css">
    .ms-WPHeader TD h3
       .margin: 0;
       padding: 3px 0px 2px 5px;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 3px 0px 3px 0px;
    height: 10px;
       border-color: #85B2ED;
       border-width: 1px;
    script type="text/javascript" src="/_layouts/LSFIntranet/Scripts/jquery-1.3.1.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/_layouts/LSFIntranet/Scripts/jquery.corner.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        //Change these variables
        var backColor = "#B5BEC6"
        var textColor = "#002473"
        function AddWebPartCorners() {
            $(".ms-WPHeader TD h3").css("color", textColor);
            $(".ms-WPHeader TD h3 a:link, .ms-WPHeader TD h3 a:visited").css("color", textColor);
            $(".ms-WPHeader TD h3").css("background-color", backColor).corner("tl 7px");
            $(".ms-WPHeader td").css("padding-right", "0px");
            $(".ms-WPHeader td").css("border-bottom", "0px");
            $(".ms-HoverCellInActive").css("background-color", backColor).corner("tr 7px");

  • Now change the chrom state default to none of content editor web part and click on Ok button. 



  • Now to add a scrollbar modify Tasks list web part and set height to 100 px from Appearance section.



  • Add some items in the tasks list to view scroll bar..


Thanks for reading this article.