In this article I will explain about Color Transformation and the Color Matrix in GDI+.
In this article, you will learn the very basics of color and how to produce colors in different formats.
This Article describe that how to set the brightness of an image through Color matrix Class.

HTML5 Color Picker

Posted by Deepak Dwij on 5/19/2012 2:56:58 AM
In this article we are going to understand working with the color changer in HTML5.
In this article we will make an application for a Color picker editor. It is like a sub-set of a paints application.

Getting All Colors in XNA

Posted by Ibrahim Ersoy on 7/9/2012 12:54:53 AM
I was playing with XNA today and was curious about if i can populate all the colors supported by XNA.For that i used Reflection method.

Color Picker in XAML Silverlight

Posted by Abhimanyu K Vatsa on 4/19/2011 1:18:16 PM
This article is about using a color picker in XAML Silverlight.
In a previous article we've discovered the different transformation modes. In this article, we continue discovering the transformations.
This tip shows you how to change the color of a chart bars in Crystal Reports.
In this article you will learn how to use Silverlight Color Selector Control.

Colors, Fonts, and Text in GDI+

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 12/16/2009 9:45:06 PM
In this article I will explain about Colors, Fonts, and Text in GDI+.

Color Sliding in WPF

Posted by Shubham Srivastava on 2/15/2012 12:56:21 PM
The Slider control is one of the controls in WPF. This control simplifies the process of coding for some UI design cases where you need to let your user choose a value and change it and you update your interface based on the user's choices.

.NET Color ListBox

Posted by Alex on 5/15/2012 3:54:55 PM
.Net ListBox control itself works fine, however as a base class for further derivation it is fundamentally flawed. The root of evil is in the Windows API ListBox. .Net ListBox is just a wrapper for this control.
I decided to make a color picker dialog of my own. I used the one found at Microsoft Office (for choosing the font color) as a souce of inspiration (in fact, I shamelessly copied it) - I used exactly the same palette of 40 colors and the same "look and feel" - only the size and distance of the little color panels is a little different in my version.

Working With Color Chooser in Swing

Posted by Abhishek Dubey on 3/14/2012 3:20:47 AM
In this article we describe how we can work with the color chooser. The color chooser dialog box is a very general thing for GUI applications. Java provides a JColorChooser class with the Swing package.

ColorComboBox to pick Colors

Posted by Jean Paul on 1/13/2011 4:50:56 AM
In this short article, I am trying to create a ColorComboBox control which allows the user to select colors from System.Drawing.Color struct.
In this article I will explain about Color Mapping Using Color Objects in GDI+.

Fuliggine ColorPickers

Posted by zeppaman on 1/31/2007 5:09:19 AM
In this article the author shows to build color picker and embedded color controls using GDI+.

Simple Button Animation in JavaScript

Posted by Mahak Gupta on 6/23/2011 10:01:31 AM
In this example, we learn how to change the color( background or fore color) on the mouse over event with the help of JavaScript.
In this article I will show you how to change color of row in GridView on mouseover.
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