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Benefits of Manual Testing over Automation Testing?
Posted By Shekhar Chauhan on 03 Jul 2012
Can anybody tell me some benefits of Manual Testing over Automation testing?

Re: Benefits of Manual Testing over Automation Testing?
Posted By Satyapriya Nayak on 03 Jul 2012  
Hi Gaurav,


Automated Testing
Manual Testing

• If you have to run a set of tests repeatedly automation is a huge gain

• If Test Cases have to be run a small number of times it's more likely to perform manual testing
• Helps performing "compatibility testing" - testing the software on different configurations • It allows the tester to perform more ad-hoc (random testing)
• It gives you the ability to run automation scenariosto perform regressions in a shorter time • Short term costs are reduced
• It gives you the ability to run regressions on a code that is continously changing • The more time tester spends testing a module the grater the odds to find real user bugs
• Can be run simultaneously on different machines thus decreasing testing time
• Long term costs are reduced
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
• It's more expensive to automate. Initial investments are bigger than manual testing • Manual tests can be very time consuming
• You cannot automate everything, some tests still have to be done manually • For every release you must rerun the same set of tests which can be tiresome
• The performance of yout test tools
• The knowledge level of your testing team
• The continous growth of software to be tested
• Number of necessary regressions

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Re: Benefits of Manual Testing over Automation Testing?
Posted By Hemant Kumar on 03 Jul 2012  

Manual Testings and Automation testing have its on adventage and disadventage.

If you r going to test for a shot term project (small project) then manual testing will be better. Snice the number of resource used will be less. Because the tool cost is expensive.

If its a long term project i prefer Automation. The number of resourse used in the project can be reduced. And in this case aslo you have to see that for each build there is major changes always. if so the previous script used can't be reused and each time u have to go for a new script. so in that case manual tesing will be good.

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