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C# insert.....Please help
Posted on: 25 Mar 2003
I have done quite a few VB database applications, but have never done any C# database applications. The one I am working on is my first one, but I am really stuck on it. I have done tutorials about how to display my databse data in a datagrid, and I have got that part working 100%, but how do I update that data if I change anythin gin the grid, or my desired method, how can I add a new record into the database. Any websites with help on this issue will be greatly appreciated, or any help you have to offer. Thanx a million. Rykie
Re: C# insert.....Please help
Posted on: 26 Mar 2003  
See DataAdapter class, Update() method and SqlCommandBuilder or OleDbCommandBuilder
Re: C# insert.....Please help
Posted on: 19 Dec 2012  

    use datagridview cellEditEnd event.....
in that get current cell value from datagridview cell and pass them into update command.
then record updated when u edited in datagrid

Re: C# insert.....Please help
Posted on: 20 Dec 2012  
write your code in as you aleady knows and convert it into C# (their are lots of tool to convert vb to c# and C# to VB search on google).
and compare those code and understand it. you will get easiy  to become fammilier with C#

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