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Posted by Sudhir Choudhary Articles | Graphics Design March 30, 2013
In this article you will learn replies face one image to another image.
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In this article you will learn how to replace a face in one image with one in another image. 
The original image:

privius img.jpg

After replacing the face, the final image is:

Clip replace.jpg

First of  all start Photoshop then choose "File" in the menubar then click "Open" and select the image then optometricly then create a layer in lock mode then right-click on the layer and choose duplicate layer.


faist layer.jpg


faist layer.jpg
dublicat layer.jpg

Reopen the new image then create a duplicate layer then select the Lasso Tool in the tool bar then select whatever area you want to change then press "Ctrl +C".

anouth image.jpg

 Open the previous image then create a new layer (the shortcut key is "Shift+Ctrl+N") then "Ctrl+V".

new layer.jpg

You can create a new layer using this icon that is meed into a red circle.


Select the Blur Tool in the Tool box then select the Mixer Brush Tool then select the Quick Selection Tool for the background then choose a color then press "Ctrl+backspace ".


Clip replace.jpg

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