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Azure Essentials Series E2: Azure Blob and Queue with Azure Functions

Habibul Rehman Islamabad Chapter

Date & Time: 27 April, 2024

Duration: 60 minutes

Platform: Google Meet

Join us for the next instalment of our Azure Essentials Series, where we dive deep into Azure Blob and Queue with Azure Functions. This practical webinar will equip you with essential skills for leveraging cloud storage and messaging solutions in your Azure applications.

Webinar Agenda:

Introduction to Azure Blob and Queue

  • Overview of Azure Blob Storage and its Key Features
  • Introduction to Azure Queue Storage and its Benefits
  • Use Cases for Blob and Queue in Modern Application Architecture

Integration with Azure Functions

  • Exploring Azure Functions Triggers and Bindings
  • Practical Guide to Integrating Azure Blob and Queue with Azure Functions
  • Live Demo: Building Azure Functions for Blob and Queue Processing

Real-world Use Cases

  • Case Studies: Implementing Blob and Queue in Azure Functions
  • Practical Examples from Industry Scenarios
  • Lessons Learned and Key Takeaways

Q&A and Interactive Session

  • Open Floor for Questions and Discussions
  • Troubleshooting and Addressing Common Queries
  • Sharing Insights and Experiences

Closing Remarks and Next Steps

  • Expressing Gratitude to Participants and Speakers
  • Recap of Key Takeaways
  • Inviting Participants to Join Future Events in the Azure Essentials Series
  • Information on Recording Availability

Networking Session (Optional)

  • Informal Networking and Interaction with Peers
  • Connect with like-minded Developers and Cloud Enthusiasts
  • Share Your Thoughts and Learnings from the Session

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of Azure Blob and Queue with Azure Functions! Register now for an insightful session with industry experts.

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