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Advantages of abstraction

Jul 30 2008 6:41 AM


I have a question about abstraction. I just finished reading OOPS Concepts and .NET Part 2: Inheritance, Abstraction, & Polymorphism which was a really good article and very helpful start to OOP capabilities but I still don’t understand the advantages of abstraction.

For example, say I have a parent class called A with an abstract method getInfo(). Say the Class A has 2 child classes called B and C. Both B and C have an overridden method called GetInfo().// code in blue

The code in orange doesnt have abstraction, just 2 classes B and C inheiting a property form parent class A. so my question is why the code in blue better than the code in orange, in other words what is the advantages of abstraction.

Class A
getInfo() //abstract method

Class B Class C
getInfo() //override method getInfo() //override method

                                                            Class A

Class B                                                                   Class C

GetB() //just another function which has the same code as ClassB.getInfo()     
                                GetC() //just another function which has the same code as ClassC.getInfo()

 Thanks in adavance and i hope that my question makes sense

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