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KRayudu V
Ajax ModalPopUpExtender In GridView Example To Show Master
Posted By KRayudu V on 17 Dec 2012
ticketentry.rar Hi,      
  Ajax ModalPopUpExtender In GridView Example To Show Master Detail Or Parent Child Data As PopUp using design pattern.i tried but,i getting error.please help me on this issue,its very useful to me
(When i Click on the link butoon in gridview ,table2 data should appear)
Here is my complete code with database.


'Data source is an invalid type. It must be either an IListSource, IEnumerable, or IDataSource.'

Re: how to show grid view row data in modelpopup,when we click on DepartmentID
Posted By Ashish Patel on 19 Dec 2012  
at row databound event bind the script for popup


at design time while setting up your item template set up a script code for pop up.

Re: Ajax ModalPopUpExtender In GridView Example To Show Master
Posted By Shekhar Chauhan on 27 Jun 2013  
In the earlier days , we have often used the combination of GridView and DetailView to display the Master-Details. Similarly, developers have used pop-ups to show the similar scenarios where a user clicks on a gridview row and the details are displayed in a pop-up window.

Here I am exploring the ModalPopupExtender control which allows a page to display contents in a modal manner. Here we will display Order-Customer scenario using the ModalPopup extender. For demonstration purpose, I am using Orders and Customers table. Initially we fetch and display data from Orders table in a GridView. The CustomerCode will be a link which enables to view customer's detail using ModalPopup extender.....[Continue]

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