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C# 2010 how to create dll
Posted By Jan on 15 Feb 2013
I am working in Visual Studio 2010 using Visual C# 2010 WINFORMS, Framework 4.0, Oracle 11Gr2, on Windows 7 OS. I have created a folder in my project called Function Management. I want to put all my functions here and reuse them. Can anyone tell me how to create a .dll for each function and put them in the Function Management folder? I found some examples on MSDN but I found them lacking. Thanks in advance.
Re: C# 2010 how to create dll
Posted By Mahesh Chand on 15 Feb 2013  
You don't want to create a DLL for each function. You need to create a DLL project (see recommended links) and add all functions to the class. Your DLL can have as many classes you want and each class can have as many methods you want. 
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