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Connect to remote device.
Posted By Arunkumar Emm on 22 Sep 2011
Hi ,

I'm doing a time and attendance project using a biometric reader(finger print) in with c#. If i want my softwate to communicate with the reader , i use the following code ,
bIsConnected = CtrlBioComm.Connect_Net("", 4370);
where is the ip of the reader.
But now i want to communicate with the remote reader. I have a static Ip.. Is it possible?.. Someone told me i have to use web service to achieve this.. Can anyone pls guide me..

Re: Connect to remote device.
Posted By Sam Hobbs on 23 Sep 2011  
You need to get the documentation from the vendor. I think the vendor will help you but you might need to purchase some software. However I think you cannot do it but I am not sure.

The IP address is for a local connection. You did not say whether the server and the reader are in the same local network. If not then perhaps you need to configure the router for the system that the reader is in.

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