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How to send multiSelect to page
Posted By Thanattha Bussapak on 07 Jan 2014
I have dataBinding form mySQL show in multiselect ,I want select data to show another page
<toolkit:MultiselectList x:Name="sList" Visibility="Collapsed"
                    ItemsSource="{Binding }"                  
                    Background="Transparent" FontSize="25" Margin="0"  >

</toolkit:MultiselectList >

 MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(e.Result));
                ObservableCollection<sResult> list = new ObservableCollection<sResult>();
                DataContractJsonSerializer serializer = new DataContractJsonSerializer(typeof(ObservableCollection<sResult>));

                list = (ObservableCollection<sResult>)serializer.ReadObject(ms);

                List<sResult> myResult = new List<sResult>();

                foreach (sResult cm in list)
                    //string sRound_ID = cm.Round_ID.ToString();

                    string sRound_ID = cm.Round_ID;
                    string sDate_dmy = cm.Date_dmy.ToString();
                    string sTrain_ID = cm.Train_ID;
                    string sTime = cm.Time;
                    string sStatus = cm.Status.ToString();
                    string sRes = cm.Train_ID + cm.Time + cm.Status;

                    myResult.Add(new sResult(sRound_ID, sDate_dmy, sTrain_ID, sTime, sStatus));
                    //myResult.Add(new sResult(sRes));
               // this.sList.ItemsSource = myResult;
                prog.IsVisible = false;

                List<string> se = new List<string>();

                foreach (sResult cm in list)
                    se.Add(cm.Train_ID + "\t\t" + cm.Time + "\t\t" + cm.Status);

                sList.ItemsSource = se;

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