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need an alternative to "mailto" to open new mail message
Posted By Prabhakaran Chinnaiyan on 20 Aug 2009



We are developing a portal.

There is a requirement to open new mail message in the outlook of user machine with the TO, CC, BCC populated programmatically.


To achieve this we used  the following syntax



This works fine when the number of recipients is less. However, we need to populate the To, CC, BCC list from the result set of a query which may be even more than 1000 mail ids. In such scenarios the above method fails.


I came to know that the maximum limit of characters allowed is 456 when browsing through the following link


If any of you know how to overcome this limitation of "mailto" or an alternative to "mailto", kindly let me know.


Thanks in advance!



Re: need an alternative to "mailto" to open new mail message
Posted By Sam Hobbs on 31 Oct 2009  
Yes, the mailto protocol is explicitly designed to be used to create simple messages. It is explicitly designed to not be used in the manner you need. Are you using .Net? If so then look at the System.Net.Mail Namespace, as in: If not .Net, then if it is Windows, use CDO for Windows 2000, as in: Note that there are more than one version of software called CDO and some of them do things that another CDO does not.
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