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Problem with Events of Dynamic Created GridView

May 3 2010 1:37 AM

    In my Application, I have created on GridView At Design Time. On RowDataBound Event I add One more Row to the grid. In that Row I added on Div and Inside that div I have created a Gridview dynamically. On Click of one of the Cell of Static grid I set Display Property Of Div to None or Blank to make Dynamic created grid InVisible/Visible respectively. 
      This functionality working fine with me. Now when I want to go to another Page on the click of one of cell of Dynamically created Grid with the all data contain in that clicked Cells Row. For Dynamic Grid I have Added few events such as "RowDataBound", "SelectedIndexChanging" etc. Out of All written Events only RowDataBound event is firing other events not firing in my case.
        Again to check further, I add LinkButton to one cell and add click event to that button in RowDataBound Event of Dynamic Grid. Still Link Button Click event not firing. 
So I wonder why this is happening.  Any Clue regarding This issue. 

      Is there any Link with Event Firing and Page's Postback or DataBind



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