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Small Projects on .Net
Posted By Monika Sinha on 20 Aug 2007

Can any one send me any window based project (running project with code inb .net2.0) for learning.

you can send here


thanks in advance.

Re: Small Projects on .Net
Posted By Mahesh Chand on 20 Aug 2007  
If you click on Windows Forms link in the left side of C# Corner, you will see many small projects.
C# Corner
Re: Small Projects on .Net
Posted By Rahul Saxena on 21 Aug 2007  

Hi Monica visit   
Here in the section  ASP.NET 2.0 u can find some project application.




Rahul Saxena
Re: Small Projects on .Net
Posted By Rohit singh on 21 Aug 2007  

Sir i need a project with code.

Windowbased poject. like as hotel management system, library management system just for learning purpuse.

Re: Small Projects on .Net
Posted By Ryan Turney on 21 Aug 2007  

I would recommend looking at what Mahesh has recommended, there are many small projects there:

If you can't seem to find what you are looking for may help.

Re: Small Projects on .Net
Posted By jaguRita on 23 Aug 2007  

Where can i find out small projects in Console Application?

It would be very helpful ,Please direct me....................


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