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themes and skin
Posted By Deepak Pandey on 26 May 2010
How to create themes like orkut in using c#
Deepak Pandey
Re: themes and skin
Posted By Crish on 26 May 2010  

you need to make multiple theme files. Once create then give user to option for selection of this skin file.

Programmatic Access to Themes

protected void Page_PreInit(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

        Page.Theme = Request.QueryString["Theme1"];



string theme = ""; // setting the value to none

if (Page.Request.Form.Count > 0)
// "Themes" is the ID of dropdownlist

theme = Page.Request["Themes"].ToString();
if (theme == "Default")
theme = "";
this.Theme = theme; // applying themes to the overall page

for more details about theme and stylesheet go through below link

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Re: themes and skin
Posted By Dipa Ahuja on 27 May 2010  
hi... from msdn you will learn how to create themes.

its very easy 

and it you want to create your own themes then you also can see this article..

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