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When will i get my prize
Posted By Ashish Shukla on 27 Jun 2010

I am a May month prize winner(2nd place) .I like writting articles that are helpful to others and it feels good if your wrtting is appreciated. But i havent received the prize as of now.Just want to know when will i get the prize.  

Re: When will i get my prize
Posted By Sam Hobbs on 27 Jun 2010  
I think we are supposed to post questions such as this in Prizes, Awards, MVP Forum,Prizes, Awards, MVP Discussions.
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Re: When will i get my prize
Posted By Mahesh Chand on 27 Jun 2010  

Hi Ashish,
Thank you for your patience. Prize may take more than 30 days, depending on what prize you got. Some prizes come from USA and they take upto 4-8 weeks.
We will be posting a regular update on prizes and building a new section where you can see where your prizes are. This prize tracking system will be ready in next couple of months.

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