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  • Charwaka Thupili

    The "ResolveLibraryProjectImports" Task Failed Unexpectedly

    This is the most common error in Xamarin, so if you are facing ResolveLibraryProjectImports task failed unexpectedly go through the following solutions to fix it.
    Charwaka Thupili Nov 15, 2017
  • Ahsan Siddique

    .NET Standard Comes To The Xamarin.Forms Project Templates

    In this blog post, you’ll learn how to use new project templates in Visual Studio 2017 that enable you to utilize .NET Standard as a code sharing strategy when creating new Xamarin.Forms apps. We’l...
    Ahsan Siddique Nov 11, 2017
  • Prasana S

    Xamarin Android - SQLite Database Joins (Using SQLiteOpenHelper)

    In this blog, we will see how to create an SQLite database in Xamarin Android application.
    Prasana S Nov 04, 2017
  • Ritesh Rana

    Automated UI Testing In Xamarin app

    Xamarin.UITest is a C# test automation framework that enables testing mobile apps on Android and iOS. Tests are written locally using either physical devices or simulators/emulators and then submit...
    Ritesh Rana Oct 20, 2017
  • Amartya

    Facebook And LinkedIn Login With Firebase And Xamarin

    While I was investigating various authentication mechanisms for one of my pet projects I picked Firebase for some of my basic needs. Firebase is a mobile app development framework from Google and p...
    Amartya Oct 13, 2017
  • hrishikesh Deshpande

    Xamarin.Forms MAP Renderer For iOS And Android

    This article is for the people who are struggling to use Xamarin forms Map renderers for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Nandhakumar

    Grid View With Multiple Rows And Two Columns Xamarin.Android

    In this article, we are going to learn about how to create a custom grid view in Xamarin Android.
    Nandhakumar Sep 28, 2017
  • Dharmik patel

    Lottie Animations In Xamarin.iOS

    I saw people were frustrated because Lottie was not working for them, with this post I will try to explain step by step how to make it work.
    Dharmik patel Sep 13, 2017
  • Dharmik patel

    Fetch Contact In Xamarin.Forms

    For fetching contacts we need to code platform specifically so I plan to write a code to fetch all contact lists and create a demo on it. Developers can easily access it in Xamarin Forms Project.
    Dharmik patel Sep 06, 2017
  • Dharmik patel

    Apply Borders On Xamarin.Forms With User Interface Elements

    Apply Borders on Xamarin Forms with User Interface Elements
    Dharmik patel Aug 28, 2017
  • Mabrouk Mahdhi

    How To Make Auto-Login For Your Xamarin.Forms Mobile App

    The idea is to allow the user to auto-login after his/her first verified connection.
    Mabrouk Mahdhi Aug 23, 2017
  • Mabrouk Mahdhi

    How To Create A Subscribe Button In Your Xamarin.Forms Mobile App

    Here I want to show you how to create a 'Subscribe' button that changes text value (Subscribe, Unsubscribe) in a ListView.
    Mabrouk Mahdhi Aug 23, 2017
  • Akash Jaiswal

    Delete A Row In TableView By Swiping And Handling Row Selection

    In this article, we are going to learn how to delete a row in TableVIew by Swiping and how to handle the item click event of TableView.
    Akash Jaiswal Aug 17, 2017
  • Dharmik patel

    Apply Lottie Animations In Xamarin.Android

    Lottie is a library created by Airbnb. I saw people were frustrated because Lottie was not working for them. So, in this post, I will try to explain how to make it work.
    Dharmik patel Aug 10, 2017
  • Akash Jaiswal

    Creating ListView In Xamarin Android

    In this blog, we are going to learn how to create a simple ListView with item click in Xamarin Android app.
    Akash Jaiswal Aug 10, 2017
  • Tim Yocum

    Xamarin DevDays In Philadelphia

    Please join us at the Philadelphia Xamarin DevDays event on August 12 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern, PA.
    Tim Yocum Jun 30, 2017
  • Manikandan Murugesan

    Introduction To Xamarin For Absolute Beginners

    This bolg gives the clear view about the Xamarin Technology and the problems that cleared by the xamairn.
  • Imran Aftabrana

    Push Notification In Xamarin.Android Using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)

    The blog discusses step by step implementation of Push notification in Xamarin.Android, using C# through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).
    Imran Aftabrana May 23, 2017
  • Akshayrao V

    Creating An Image View App To Select The Image From The Gallery Using Xamarin

    Creating an Image View app to select the image from the gallery , using Xamarin.
    Akshayrao V Apr 12, 2017
  • S.Ravi Kumar

    My New Tool For Creating Xamarin App Icons

    In this blog, you will gain knowledge regarding my new tool for creating Xamarin app icons.
    S.Ravi Kumar Mar 31, 2017
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