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  • Mohammed Saquib

    Basic Structure Of A Mobile App Using Xamarin MVVM - Part Two

    Hello everyone, this is part 2 of this series. In the previous part, we discussed how to create a new project and set the home page. In this part, we'll discuss how to perform navigation in Xam...
    Mohammed Saquib Sep 30, 2020
  • Mohammed Saquib

    Basic Structure Of Mobile App Using Xamarin MVVM

    In this blog series, I'll explain the basic structure of a Xamarin mobile app with an MVVM Pattern step-by-step.
    Mohammed Saquib Sep 21, 2020
  • Rajesh

    Xamarin Tabview Control With More Customization

    It explain how to achieve the customized tabbed view/page in xamarin forms by using Xam.Tabview plugin.
    Rajesh Jul 30, 2020
  • Rakeshkumar Desai

    Creating Material Chips In Xamarin Forms (Material Series Continued)

    In this Blog we are going to create Material Chips for Xamarin forms for Android and next series will be focusing for iOS
    Rakeshkumar Desai Jul 14, 2020
  • Rakeshkumar Desai

    Creating Material Text Field In Xamarin Forms - Part One

    This Blog explains how to create Material text fields in Xamarin forms.
    Rakeshkumar Desai Jul 09, 2020
  • Deepak Kumar Gurram

    Insert List Of Items Into Single Row In Xamarin Forms SQLite DB

    Save model contains a list of objects into a single row in the same table using 'SQLiteNetExtensions' NuGet package in xamarin forms.
  • Bhupesh Sharma

    How to use MvvmCross Library in Xamarin.Forms

    This blog is about using the MvvmCross third-party library for development in Xamarin Forms.
    Bhupesh Sharma Mar 13, 2020
  • Omar Bangash

    How to Create a New Xamarin Project in Visual Studio on Mac

    This blog is about how to create a new Xamarin Project in Visual Studio on Mac for beginners to get started with the development of cross-platform mobile applications.
    Omar Bangash Feb 04, 2020
  • Rakeshkumar Desai

    Creating a Generic RestClient from Scratch for Xamarin Projects

    This blog explains the creation of a generic rest client without using 3rd part NuGet packages
    Rakeshkumar Desai Feb 03, 2020
  • Rakeshkumar Desai

    New Way of Uploading Xamarin iOS App to Testflight

    This blog explains, in a step-by-step method, how to upload the Xamarin iOS app to TestFlight using the Transporter app
    Rakeshkumar Desai Jan 25, 2020
  • Dinesh B

    How to Generate a PDF File from HTML String in Xamarin Forms

    This article shows how to generate a PDF file from HTML string in Xamarin Forms without any third party package.
    Dinesh B Jan 25, 2020
  • Rakeshkumar Desai

    Xamarin Essentials Color Converter API

    This blog explains the usage of Xamarin Essentials Color converters API.
    Rakeshkumar Desai Jan 23, 2020
  • Jimit Bhatt

    Simple Login and Registration using SQLite Database

    This blog demonstrates how to create a Login and Registration form and save form details in the SQLite database in Xamarin Android.
    Jimit Bhatt Dec 17, 2019
  • Pranav Tiwari

    Dark mode fixes, Xamarin.IOS

    This blog helps you fix dark mode issues in your mobile applications
    Pranav Tiwari Nov 11, 2019
  • Pranav Tiwari

    Best Practices For Auto Layout Xamarin.IOS

    In this blog, you will learn best practices to be followed while creating a storyboard or XIB in Xamarin.
    Pranav Tiwari Oct 16, 2019
  • Pranav Tiwari

    Creating a MAC Application Using Xamarin.Forms

    In this blog, you will learn how to create a MAC application using Xamarin.Forms.
    Pranav Tiwari Oct 11, 2019
  • Pranav Tiwari

    Create Mock Previewer Data As Well As Controls On Xamarin.Forms

    This article is about creating mock data and controls which appear only in preview windows but not at run time.
    Pranav Tiwari Oct 10, 2019
  • Vikas Agarwal

    UI Automation

    This blog describes the basics of automation of iOS and Android applications developed in Xamarin and native technologies, i.e., Objective-C/Swift and Java respectively.
    Vikas Agarwal Sep 30, 2019
  • Ripdaman Singh

    Solved - Cleartext HTTP Traffic To YOUR-API.DOMAIN.COM Not Permitted (targetSdkVersion="28")

    Geeting error Cleartext HTTP traffic to YOUR-API.DOMAIN.COM not permitted after changing Target SDK Version 28 or Android 9.0 API Level 28 - Pie (targetSdkVersion="28").
    Ripdaman Singh Aug 07, 2019
  • Ravi Punnam

    iOS App Background Task

    Here is the code snippet that can be used to execute background tasks on iOS.
    Ravi Punnam Jul 23, 2019
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