SharpKit - C# to JavaScript converter

By Dan El Khen on Mar 16 2011
SharpKit is a C# to JavaScript converter tool. It allows you to write C# 4.0 and convert it to JavaScript during compilation. Supports all major libraries including jQuery, ExtJS, ASPNET AJAX.
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SharpKit is a C# to JavaScript converter tool. It allows you to write C# 4.0 and convert it to JavaScript during compilation.

For Developers

  • Code Validation - no more typos, less bugs.
  • Code Completion - no need to memorize apis.
  • Code Maintenance - refactoring is simple
  • Code Sharing - re-use code between client and server, like data contracts and services.
  • JavaScript Libraries - easily integrate and learn 3rd party libraries, libraries are in C# with xml documentation.

For Project Managers

  • Collaboration - develop safely in teams, C# compiler will protect your team members from stepping on each other's toes.
  • Enforce code quality within your team - patterns, syntax, documentation.
  • Introduce team members to new projects more quickly.
  • Create diagrams and specs for your team members based on real code.
  • Streamline your project - web projects will be written in a single unified language.

Key Features

  • Automatic code minification - optimize your website with smaller JavaScript files
  • Automatic file merge - optimize your website with fewer web requests
  • Support for all major 3rd party libraries
  • Non intrusive - generated code is exactly like hand written code
  • Non binding - you can stop using SharpKit at any time, and remain with the original JavaScript code.
  • Free for open source or small projects.
  • Supports all C# language statements, up to and including C# 4.0
  • Supports all JavaScript language statements.



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