Install Joomla 2.5 on WampServer in PHP

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS). A content management system is software that allows you to create and manage webpages easily by separating the creation of your content from the mechanics required to present it on the web. In this article I describe the process of installing Joomla on a WampServer.

Step by step installation process of Joomla 2.5 on WampServer

Step1. First of all install wamp server in our system then we will download Joomla 2.5 from After downloading Joomla we will unzip the Joomla files.

Step 2. Now copy the Joomla files into c:\wamp\www\.

Step 3. Now we will create a database in WampServer, such as in the following  image:


Step 4. Now run Joomla as localhost/joomla in the web browser. You can run Joomla as follows using localhost:


Step 5. When you click on Joomla then you will see like following image. Then you will choose the English language, then click on the next button.


Step 6. Now you will again click on the next button, such as in the following image:


Step 7. Again click on the next button, such as in the following image:


Step 8. Now you will enter the username as root, word as blank, database name as JoomlaWebsite (which is already created by you in the database) then click the next button.


Step 9. Now you will enter the site name (according to you), email, username and word. Then you will click on install sample data. Then click the next button, such as in the following image:


Step 10. Now you will delete the installation directory from the root folder; i.e. you will go to C:\wamp\www\joomla\installation. Delete the installation folder. Then click on site or administrator.


Step 11. If you click on the site then you will get a window such as in the following image for the Joomla site. It is the front end of Joomla.


Step 12. If you click on administrator then open Login window. Now enter username and word for Login.


Step 13. After Login you will get a new window like in the following image. It is the back end of Joomla.



So in this article you saw how to install Joomla on a WampServer in PHP. Using this article one can easily understand the installation process of Joomla on a WampServer.