Automatic Repair Windows 8 Operating System


Windows 8 has a very useful auto-repair option that allows even beginners to quickly repair the OS within minutes. Corruption of Windows is a major problem for Windows. There are many possible causes of corruption, one of them is infection form a virus while using the internet when a virus is encountered from a global source when downloading and uploading files. Whenever a Microsoft-based operating system is used, it is quite obvious that after some time the entire OS is vulnerable to corruption. When this is the case, you, as an administrator, are supposed to repair the computer so that it can be restored to its running state.

The same is the case with Microsoft Windows 8; but when it becomes corrupt, it can be repaired using the builtin system tools specifically integrated into the operating system to solve the problem. Therefore, as a Windows 8 user, if you want to repair the corrupt operating system you are required to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Power on the your computer in which the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is installed.

Step 2: During the start-up process press the F8 key repeatedly to enter the boot menu.

Step 3: In the option window click on the Troubleshoot option.


Step 4: In the Troubleshoot window click on the Advanced options option.


Step 5: In the Advanced options window click on the Automatically repair option to restart.


Step 6: Once restarted, choose an account with administrative privileges from Automatic repair window credentials of which you want to use to repair Windows 8.


Step 7: In the next screen enter the appropriate word and hit the Continue button to initiate the automatic repair process.


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