Create a New Hard Drive Partition in Windows 8


Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, the full version of this operating system is not released in the market, but we can experience Windows 8 by downloading and installing windows 8 developer preview edition. On Feb 29th, 2012 Microsoft will launch a user preview version of Windows 8. This operation is sure to become a hit because of its advanced and user-friendly features. In this article, we will learn how to create a new hard drive partition using windows 8. In this article, we will also learn how to format a drive in windows 8.
First, we will know why we need to create an extra hard drive partition. We need to create an extra partition to backup system files, extend functionality and we can use multiple numbers of the operating systems.
Step 1
Open Metro metro application screen search in the application tab and type diskmgmt.msc on the search box, left-hand upper corner diskmgmt icon will appear to click on it.
Step 2
A new window of Disk Management will be open.
This window shows you all the partition available on your hard drive with their allocated and free space available.
Step 3
So just right click on the drive which has more free space to create new drive and select shrink volume.
Step 4
After clicking shrink volume new window will appear like this.
Step 5
This window show mainly three things Total size before shrink, size available to shrink and enter the amount as you want to shrink. So modify it according to your need and click on the shrink button.
A new window will be open click on the Next button to go ahead in the setting process.
Step 6
In the new window, you will see a new space that has been created, so right-click on it and select New Simple Volume.
A new window will be open click on the Next button.
Step 7
After clicking the Next button a new window will be open to locating the space for a newly created drive in MB, click on the Next button.
Step 8
This new window decide the drive letter and click on the Next button.
Step 9
In a new window set the format, type of file system and allocate unit size, finally set all settings to click on the Next button.
Step 10
Finally, the finished window will appear, it means your process has been completed successfully, click on the Finish button.
Step 11
To check that new drive creates or not, so open my computer you will get a newly created drive (New Volume(E)).


In this article, we learned about Create a New Hard Drive Partition in Windows 8.