Make Keyboard Easier to Use in Windows 8


In this article, we will talk about how can we make improve the performance of working on keyboard for user. To improve performance and make easy to work on keyboard windows provides us a lot of short keys which make work fast and easy for users. Each of the keyboard short keys associated with such action which has done through the short keys. One of the best use of keyboard short keys to use it instead of mouse action in that situation when your mouse not working properly. To use these short keys we make some windows setting, as enable these short keys which you want to use.
These are mainly short keys that are used often to improve working speed on keyboard sticky keys, Filter keys, Toggle keys, Mouse keys, etc.   
Step 1
Open the metro application screen window and go to the search option.
Step 2
In new window search control panel from applications.
Step 3
A new window will be open click on Ease of Access.
Step 4
In the new window click on link Make keyboard easy to use.
Step 5
From the list of various options on the new windows will appear, make enable which short keys you want to use on check on checkboxes. Then click on the OK or Apply button.
Step 6
To change the keyboard properties, click on the keyboard setting.

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