Join Operation Through JSP

This is the next article in the series of articles about database applications in JSP. In this article, I am going to develop an application that joins two database tables. Through this article we join two tables (authors and titleauthor). For this application we use the following steps.

Step 1: Create a new database

In the first step we click on the blank database option and click on create .

make a new database.jpg

Step 2: Design the database

In this step we select field name and data type for the those fields. In this application we select five fields (id, name, city, state and country).

desing view.jpg

Step 3: Make DSN

In this step we make DSN using the following process.

First we select the Control Panel option from start.

select the control panel.jpg

Then click on the administrative tools.

click on administration tools.jpg

Select Data Sources option.

select data source option.jpg

Then select Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb,*.accdb), and click on the finish button.

create new data source.jpg

Then select database from the computer and give it a specific name. Now the DSN is created.

select database.jpg

Step 4: Create a New Project

In this step we select New Project option from File menu.

create new project.jpg

Step 5: Choose Project

In this step we select web application from Java web option and then click on the next button.

select new web application.jpg

Step 6: Name and Location

In this step we give it a specific name and set a specific location and click on the next button.

nameand location.jpg

Step 7: Server and Setting

We select a specific server for this application and click on the next button.

server and setting.jpg

Step 8: Select Framework

There is no need to select any framework for this application; just click on the finish button.


Step 9: Create jsp file

We create one jsp file for this application.

create new jsp file.jpg


<%@ page import="java.sql.*" %>
<% Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); %>
Joining Tables</TITLE>
     <BODY BGCOLOR="green">
             <H1>Joining Tables</H1>
         Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(
         Statement statement = connection.createStatement();
         String query = "SELECT * From authors,titleauthor where =";
         ResultSet resultset =
    <TABLE BORDER="1">
          <TH>First Name</TH>
          <TH>Last Name</TH>
          <TH>Book ID</TH>
        <% while({ %>
        <TD> <%= resultset.getString(1) %></TD>
        <TD> <%= resultset.getString(2) %></TD>
        <TD> <%= resultset.getString(3) %></TD>
      <% } %>

Step 10: Compile and Run the application

Now we compile the application and then run it on the server and find the following output.




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