Checking Bitmaps in QTP in Testing

QuickTest enables you to compare objects in a web page or application by matching captured bitmaps.

About Checking Bitmaps

You can check an area of a web page or application as a bitmap. While creating a test or component, you specify the area you want to check by selecting an object. You can check an entire object or any area within an object. QuickTest captures the specified object as a bitmap and inserts a checkpoint in the test or component. You can also choose to save only the selected area of the object with your test or component to save disk space.

Bitmapcheckpoint 3.jpg

When you run the test or component, QuickTest compares the object or selected area of the object currently displayed on the web page or application with the bitmap stored when the test or component was recorded.

bitmap checkpoint 1.jpg

If there are differences, QuickTest captures a bitmap of the actual object and displays it with the expected bitmap in the details portion of the Test Results Window.

bitmapcheckpoint 2.jpg

Since we are applying the checkpoint on a real-time image, the two images resulting from recording and running vary and hence the test fails.

Bitmapcheckpoint 4.jpg

Keyword view displaying Bitmap Checkpoint

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