Text,Text Area and Database Checkpoints in QTP

Text Checkpoint

It checks whether a text string is displayed in the appropriate place on a web page or application. For example, suppose a web page displays the sentence "Flight departing from New York to San Francisco".


You can create a text checkpoint that enures that the words "New York" are displayed between "Flight departing from" and "to San Francisco".


Text Area Checkpoint

It verifies that the text string is displayed within a defined area in a windows application, according to specified criteria. For example, suppose your Visual Basic application has a button that says View Doc<Num>, where <Num> is replaced by the four digit code entered in a form elsewhere in the application. You can create a text area checkpoint to confirm that the number displayed on the button is the same as the number entered in the form.


Database Checkpoint

It validates the contents of a database. For example, you can use a database checkpoint to validate the contents of a database containing flight information for your website.


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