New Features in F#

New Features In F#

The F# (F Sharp) programming language is open source. It supports for loops, while loops, hash tables and object oriented programming like dot notation, object expressions and construction named arguments, and setters. It is released from Microsoft Research. This programming language is implemented by Don Syme and contributed by Andrew Kennedy. The new features are in this programming language and also in the library. 


The new features are:

  • Features in Type Providers
  • New in Query of a data
  • New in Declaring properties
  • Change in F# library

Features in Type Providers

These features provide types and properties and methods. In F# a type provider can depend on parameters given by the programming code. The new features make it simple to access diverse sources of data. A Type Provider includes many services as in the following:

  • Open Data Services, that is a network service protocol that will allow data to be transmitted over the network.
  • Database Connection
  • Database Schema

New in Query of a data

In a query of data a data source is provided and the data is put in a desired format. It provides support for LINQ in F#. The new features allow writing queries in a SQL like syntax in the F# language.

New in Declaring properties

The updates in the auto implemented properties are that properties can be declared without using a declare.

Change in F# library

In the F# library the improvenet is support for null able like (Nullable <T>).  It will be used for conversion of mathematical operaters.


System.Nullable <int>
System.Nullable <float>
System.Nullable <char>

In the updated form of the F# language the measuring of units is upgraded  in the F# core library "Microsoft.FSharp.Data.UnitSystems.SI" that includes the unit of measure types for the SI unit system.




This article describes the updated version and new features in F#. And these features are also in F# 3.0.