Add AJAX Control Toolkit In Visual Studio

In this post, we will learn how to add Ajax Control Toolkit in Visual Studio (step by step).

Let's Begin:

1. Click on Download button to download the latest release of AJAX Control Toolkit.


Or Click on Downloads link in the menu and select the Ajax Control Toolkit release according to your need. On clicking, AJAX Control Toolkit starts downloading.


2. Extract the downloaded file (I have extracted the file in C:\ Drive).


3. Open Visual Studio, Right Click in ToolBox and then click on Add Tab.


Provide a name to the tab so that you can find these controls easily. I have named it AJAX Control Toolkit. 


4. Expand the Tab which we have created in the previous step and right click in it. Click on Choose Items.


5. Click on the Browse button in Choose Toolbox items and go to the location where you have extracted the ajaxcontroltoolkit.


Select AjaxControltoolkit.dll and then click on Open button. 


6. After clicking on the Open button, Visual Studio displays a security warning. Click on Yes.


All the controls present in AJAXControlToolkit.dll will be displayed. Click on OK.


That's all. Now you will see all the controls present in AJAX Control Toolkit added under AJAC Control Toolkit tab in the ToolBox. 

Note: In the latest version of AJAX Control Toolkit you have to run the installer file in order to integrate Toolkit with Visual Studio.

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