Playing Pac-Man in City Streets Using Google Maps

Hello guys!

This is something really interesting- ‘Playing Pac-Man in your city streets’

So let’s see what I have:

It’s era of exciting 3D games with better graphics and sensors. In upcoming years ‘Oculus Rift ’ will going to make it gaming more exiting ad thrilling that one ever imagined. But still around the world lots of people like to hangout with 2D or I say classical strategy based games.

Yeah that’s true and Google’s Pacman is a live and true example of it.


So if you are that guys who still love those 90’s strategy based guys then guys I swear this is for you and if you aren’t then still give it a try.. I promise you going to love that.

Playing Pac-Man

For playing Google version of Pac-Man just go to your web browser and browse Google Maps.

Simply search for your city or any other city for playing pacman.

Simply select locality where you want to play.

And when you get that locality just click on your locality and you will get a ‘READY’ message.

Here’s a close look to that locality, that I have selected to get started.

Click on that ‘Ready’ message and you will get this.. ‘Blue Window’. Simply click and get started.

Unfortunately I got that error message.

(Because there wasn’t too much streets to go with the flow. So am wishing you very best of luck when try to get your locality for PacMan)

All the beast!

As I didn’t get my locality and browsed nearest place and started.

You can switch between any place anytime.

Finally am ready.

Here is a classical pacman window.

When you click on that you will get a set of Manual tutorials of controls in a ‘Blue Window’ on that same page like this.

Now… now just go with the flow.

AM playing.. whoohoo

You will get 4 chances and at the end.

Game is over.

Here’s a widow showing my score.. Don’t forget to share yours.

Guys just give it a try, you will surely love it. 

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