Security in QlikView


Security critically important. Security is the protection of information in any technology. It can be used to protect from harm. Security is one of the features of the prevention of theft, damage and misuse. Security is one of the protection properties, so it does not get stolen or damaged by anyone.

Security Goals

There are basically three main goals of security:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

security goals

The term confidentiality can be used to refer to intentional or unintentional unauthorized access of message contents, because unauthorized access violates security policies. The intent is to prevent a harmful message from being sent to the sender, so confidentiality is important.


To satisfy integrity requiremetns, modifications of the data by an unauthorized process is not allowed. Integrity does not allow unauthorized personnel to access the data. For integrity, the data is consistent for internal and external use. 


The term availability refers timely access to data for reliable use. It keeps the data available for authorized access.

Security in QlikView

Security in QlikView is very powerful. It is very easy to implement. Security is very familiar to IT professionals.

For security in QlikView we need to discuss the following major points:
  • Authentication
  • Authorization


The main concept of authentication is that "Who are you? Can you you prove your id"? The process of authentication is the identification of an individual based on the username and password. The authentication ensures that the individual is who he or she and claims to be. There are never arguments about the authentication of the access rights of the individual.


Authorization is different from authentication. Authorization determines the permission to access the system object based on their identity for the individual purposes. The main purpose of this to specify the access rights the human has related to the system.

Security Challenges for the QlikView Application

The organization daily faces many problems related to increasingly a secure environment so that the security is important for the information in business discovery. For this reason unauthorized access is prohibited.

So there are many security challenges:

  • Trust
  • Complexity
  • Non-repudiation
  • Spoofing
  • Encryption


In any organization, any enterprise software solution and in business discovery those that present and analyze the daily information and sends the sensitive information to the sender, the professional wants to know whether or not accurate information will be sent. They also want to know how to remove the risk and provide access to sensitive information.


Complexity can be used to obtain satisfactory security for information. Complexity ensures that the information that has been passed to a sender is error free and whether or not it is flexible.


In Non-Repudiation, the sender sends the data with valid sender's ID and with a proof of delivery. By using the Non-Repudiation, the deny processes never happena. This term can be used to transfer the message between sender and receiver using a digital signature. This term can be used with encryption. The term non-repudiation is the generally basic extension of identification and authentication service.


The term Spoofing generally known as attack that can be used by the computer hackers. It occurs when any malicious party does not meet properly any user and another device with in a given network to launch attacks. It launch's the attack against the network host. The term email spoofing is used to hack or steal the password and creates the bugs. It is also used to hack the web pages for stealing the money and other banking information.


The term encryption is widely used in cryptography. Encryption is the process of encoding the message and information using a public key. The public key can be used to encrypt the plain text.


Decryption is just the opposite of encryption. It is the process of converting the cipher text into plain text.

Encrption and decryption
This article described security in QlikView and showed the basic security challenges of security.

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