Retrieve Checked Out Documents From Document Library Using Content Query Web Part

This article explains how to retrieve the Checked Out documents of the current user from a Document Library and display it using a Content Query web part.

Navigate to the Page where you need to display the web part.

Edit the page to add the web part.
Click on Add a Web Part link in the Edit Page. The Web part gallery will be displayed.

Under the Categories Tab select Content Rollup and then select Content Query and click on Add. The web part will be added to the page.

Click on open the tool pane link to get the web part properties.

In the web part property expand the Query section and select Show items from the following list: and click on Browse, a dialog with all list and library will be displayed. Select a document library from where you need to retrieve the checked out documents for the current user.

By default the List Type will be Document Library so there is no need to make any changes there.

Now the Next option is to filter the documents. Under Additional Filters select the property Checked Out To and set the condition is equal to [Me].

Then Apply Grouping, Sorting and Styles based on your requirements and click Ok and then save the changes, the document that was checked out by the current user will be displayed in the web part.


Document Library with All Documents

Web part with current users Checked Out documents

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