Microsoft Ignite: Windows 10, Cloud, Office 365, Email and Windows Security, Cortana Intelligence

In this article we will learn about Microsoft Ignite Windows 10, Cloud Office 365 Email and Windows Security Cortana Intelligence.

Ignite KeyNote: Windows 10 + Cloud + Office 365 + Email and Windows security + Cortana Intelligence

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced some new features of Windows 10 along with Office 365 and cloud infrastructure with Cortana intelligence.

CEO Satya Nadella stated that in the future we will have more devices or applications than people on the planet, more than we can even count. With the increase of so many countless applications, each organization needs to take care of their deployment along with securities and update of new releases. These countless applications will consume data and generate data that is again the huge collection of data and maintaining this huge collection of data with security is not that easy for any organization.

To make this deployment easy and handling large data of your application, Microsoft provides their datacenters known as a cloud in which you can deploy your app in a single click and can have all the security aspects provided by them. For this, Microsoft provides the Azure Platform.

Here, I will explain the very basic points for the Ignite Keynote.

Cloud Computing

The following describes cloud computing:

  • You can build an intelligent cloud.
  • It will drive all mobility needs.
  • The deployment and maintenance of the application and its data becomes easy with the cloud.
  • Public and private datacenter.
  • Using a cloud, you can provide real-time information, like AccuWeather provides weather information.
  • Many organizations are using clouds. For example, Real Madrid, Barclays, Delphi, Rockwell Automation and AccuWeather.

Windows 10: Intelligent and most-secure cloud support

  • Great for people at home or business.
  • Easy to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10, since it will look familiar.
  • Amazing features like collaboration of Cortana (world's only personal digital system or personal assistance) intelligence with business data.
  • Cortana can connect to other applications, business specific data and power BI also.
  • Cortana can reply to you about your business data. For example, you can ask Cortana, Hey Cortana, how many people are attending Ignite. It will answer 20,578.
  • Microsoft Edge: New browsing interface that is faster than Chrome and Mozilla.
  • Automatic change language mode according to native language for reading.
  • In new the Microsoft Edge browser you can easily take notes, highlight, take clips and share.
  • You can encrypt a file just by right-clicking the file and select to encrypt the file, it will be highlighted as Green and then you can email the file or you can put it in a USB to share with employees.

Office 365

  • Office 365 is for business purposes.
  • Huge focus on team-building and management.
  • Membership and authorization.
  • Folder shared among the team.
  • Meeting on the group.
  • Makes meetings really effective using videos
  • Track all meetings in an organization
  • Search people according to their skill and profile and can talk with them.
  • The Office 365 dashboard shows a work map, it shows how different teams are connecting to each other, like a sales team with a product team or business team, whether there any meetings in common for them or not. All we can see using that work map graph.

Azure Active Directory Protection

  • Identity Protect
  • File Protect
  • Device protect
  • App protect

Windows Security

  • Devices received on email are allowed to run only when devices are from a trustworthy source, otherwise it will block it, so it provides more security for a vulnerable attack.

Email Security

  • You cannot share your professional email content with Twitter, so data protection is also there. It will save data leakage.

Document Tracking

  • You can track how many times your document is open with all the details of who have opened it and who is not authorized to open but then also tried to open it. For unauthenticated access you can then revoke access also.

Microsoft Advances Threat Analytics (ATA)

  • ATA is a tool to identify what is happening in our network.
  • You can check users with leaked credentials.
  • You can take action for those users who tried to attack the organization.

Devices Updates

  • Update software time to time to make a device secure for malware and so on.
  • Investigate the security report and find a solution for that.
  • Testing system and find new security issues.
  • Windows as a service will do Windows updates and security updates.


  • Microsoft operational management suite.
  • OMS is connected with the cloud.
  • Using OMS, you can connect with your apps in the cloud and can add a new service and use the new service within a minute.
  • For example, you can add custom logs to identify any issues or you can identify malware status.
  • You can also collect security reports using OMS.

Power BI

  • It is a dashboard. Using this you can identify any user that may be in risk.
  • You can check reports for software update and monitor them.

SQL 2016 Public Preview

  • The biggest breakthrough in database technology. You can take a single table of SQL 2016 and send it to Azure with nothing else to change.
  • Real-time operation analytics.
  • New Hybrid cloud scenario.
  • Intelligent platform for a mobile first, cloud first world.