Enterprise Keywords in SharePoint 2013

I have noticed that SharePoint Users take a lengthy route of column creation to add Enterprise Keywords.


In SharePoint 2013 we can quickly do this by going to Library Settings > Enterprise Metadata and Keyword Settings. Open a list or library and go to the List or Library Settings.

Click on the Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings as shown below.

list information

You will get the following page. Select the first check box. Click the OK button to continue.

interprise metadata and keword

Click the Ok button to save the changes. Returning to the library items, choose Edit Properties from the menu.

ppt file

You can see the new column being added.

interprise keyword

This concludes the article on adding Enterprise Keywords quickly.


The following are the advantages of using Enterprise Keywords:

  1. Folksonomy can be developed.
  2. Knowledge of users can be captured.
  3. Enables easier classification of content.


This eliminates the lengthy route of going to the library settings and adding Enterprise Keywords.


Add an enterprise keywords column to a list or library