Promoted Results in SharePoint 2013

When you add a promoted result that was called Best Bets in SharePoint 2010 then you show this result above the ranked results. For example, for the query "suggestion", you can add a link to a suggested site above all ranked results.

This is an easier way to save users from the frustration of paging through search results. This article explains step-by-step how to create promoted results.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Query Rules under the Search Tab.

Manage Query Rules

Step 2: Select Local SharePoint Results as shown below.

Local SharePoint Results

Step 3: Click on New Query rule and provide the following information.

  1. Rule Name
  2. Query Matches Keyword: It should be the word for which you are promoting the search results.

 Query Matches Keyword

Step 4: After entering Query rules, click on Add Promoted results.

Query rules

Step 5: Enter the following information in the Add promoted result page.
  1. Title: Title of the promoted result.
  2. URL: URL of the promoted result.
  3. Description

 Add promoted result page

Step 6: Go to the Search Centre and type the word "suggestion".


Step 7: Here you go!!

The suggestion appears right at the top with the ticked mark symbol. Irrespective of the search results, promoted results appear quickly. 

ticked mark symbol