Glimpse of New Features in Visual Studio 2013 RC Update


As you know that Microsoft has revealed the Release Candidate update of the Visual Studio 2013 and I've also created an article regarding the update of Visual Studio 2013 RC Update. You can refer to this link to download the update. So, here in this article I am describing those new features that are included in this update in brief. They are the following categories:

  • New One ASP.NET
  • New Dialog to trust IIS Express SSL Certificate
  • New Project Template Changes
  • ASP.NET Scaffolding


Before working with the preceding features, you need to download and upgrade your Visual Studio 2013 to Release Candidate update.

Installing Visual Studio 2013 RC Update

Getting Started

So, in the following sections I am explaining the preceding features.


Since the release of Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate, the One ASP.NET dialog has been changed. There is a new project template added in the list named Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Windows Azure Project Template in VS 2013

Now you can also check on the checkbox of Create remote resources in the Windows Azure Dialog and select the options from the dropdownlist to create the application using the selected Project Template. This is not available on the selection of Windows Azure Mobile Services project template.

New One ASP.NET Wizard with Windows Azure

New Dialog to trust IIS Express SSL Certificate

Now you can eliminate the SSL Certificate Security warnings when browsing using HTTPS on the localhost. It is possible using the new dialog with which the Internet Explorer and Chrome now trust the self-signed IIS Express SSL Certificate. Firefox has its own certificate so that it shows the certificate warning. You can get a better idea from Working with SSL Certificate in MVC.

The following screenshot shows how to enable SSL Enabling.

Enabling SSL Certificate

New Project Template Changes

Now the Project Templates of ASP.NET are upgraded to support the Account Confirmation and Password Reset. The ASP.NET Web API Project Template is also upgraded to support the authentication using On Premises Organizational Accounts. The SPA template has authentication based on the MVC project template and also has a Web API Controller that is accessible to only authenticated users.

ASP.NET Scaffolding

The new MVC 5.1 Scaffolder now can has the new EnumDropDownListFor for the Enum property. The EditorFor templates updated in this MVC 5.1 Scaffolding. Let's work with that.

Step 1: Generate your Model Class with the following code snippet:

using System.Data.Entity;


namespace WebApplication19.Models


    public class Person


        public enum Gender





        public int ID { getset; }

        public string Name { getset; }

        public Gender Sex { getset; }

        public string City { getset; }



    public class PersonDbContext : DbContext


        public DbSet<Person> Persons { getset; }



Step 2: Add the new Scaffolded item as in the following:

MVC 5 Scaffolding

Step 3: Choose the Model Class and Data Context Class as in the following:

Adding Controller in MVC

You can check out the Create.cshtml page in which the EditorFor template is upgraded. Check out the screenshot below:

Upgraded EditorFor Template

Step 4: When you run the page, you'll see that the dropdownlist is available for the Sex as shown below:

Perform Create Operation in MVC

That's it.


This article described the new features available in Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate. You can also learn how to work with the new MVC Scaffolding in the MVC 5. Thanks for reading and Stay Updated.

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