Introducing New Features in Visual Studio 2013: Part 3


I have already introduced many new features of Visual Studio 2013 Preview, but friends here I am introducing some more features and I believe that these new features are really helpful in coding or say development. So, the features are the following:

  • C++ Automatic Brace Completion
  • Moving Lines of Code
  • Options Dialog Changes
  • IntelliSense
  • Scrollbar Functionality

C++ Automatic Brace Completion

This feature is only applicable to C++ applications. This feature helps programmers to code fast and save time. Now what does this feature do? This feature will automatically complete the braces. Now, the programmers do not need to worry about the bracket completion while coding. Essentially, if you type any of the following characters:

  • { (Curly Brace)
  • [ (Square Bracket)
  • ' (Single Quote)
  • " (Double Quote)

The editor will automatically add the appropriate closing character to complete.


If the developer wants to turn it off, then:


Moving Lines of Code

This feature is helpful to move your code in your application whenever you want, in Visual Studio 2013 Preview. Otherwise, you can cut and paste it as in older versions of Visual Studio. Let's have a look at how it works.

  1. Single Line Code Moving:


    Now, press and hold the Alt key and use Up and Down Navigation Keys to move; see:

  2. Multi Line Code Moving:


    Follow the preceding instructions to move.


Option Dialog Changes

The Option Dialog has changed in Visual Studio 2013 Preview. It now includes a Search Box. You simply enter the option and the editor finds and shows the information. In older versions of Visual Studio if you are searching any option like C++ but you don't know where it exists then you search for it everywhere in the editor until you find it.



In Visual Studio 2013 Preview, there are some great changes in IntelliSense also, as in the following:

  • Transparency of IntelliSense: When you write any code, IntelliSense appears, but it covers the code underneath it. Now, if you want to show that code you simply press the Escape key to remove the IntelliSense. Visual Studio 2013 Preview helps you to show the code by Transparency of IntelliSense. How does it work?


    Simply press and hold the Ctrl Key to get transparent.

  • IntelliSense in C++: Now, in Visual Studio 2013 Preview C++ developers also can take the advantage of IntelliSense.


Scrollbar Functionality

Visual Studio 2013 Preview has the great feature named Scrollbar. I have already introduced it but here I am giving a brief introduction. Sometimes the code of the page is very large and if the developer wants to change the code above then the developer simply scrolls the mouse or presses the Up  key, but in Visual Studio 2013 Preview the entire code is present in the Scrollbar and you will see whatever you want and you can simply go there by a single-click.


Scrollbar shows the various options as in the following:

  • Bookmarks
  • Breakpoints
  • Errors


You can also set the size of your Scrollbar.


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