Bundling And Minification In MVC - Part 3

This is continuation of my previous articles. I highly recommend to read my previous article at below link,

Now in this article we will compare the performance in the application without bundling and minification and application with bundling and minification configured.

For this you have to download source code from here,

  1. Using JQuery Accordion Control and Tab Control in MVC
  2. Bundling And Minification In MVC - Part 2

Note: 1st source code one is without bundling and minification and 2nd one is with bundling and minification.

Now get ready with firebug and measure the performance. I have recorded the performance with the following two screenshots.

Screen Shot 1: Without Bundling and Minification application performance.


Screen Shot 2: With Bundling and Minification application performance,

If you compare the performance I highlighted below improvement in the application with bundling and minification:

  • No. of requests are reduced i.e. hit to the server in the form of request are minimized by more than 70%.
  • No. of KB downloaded data decreased at about 600KB Vs 400 KB. And still you are getting same appearance.
  • Load time decreased from 728 ms to 520 ms. Drastic change in load time.
  • Hence there is a remarkable improvement in application performance using bundling and minification


Using bundling and minification there is a drastic change in performance. No. of requests to the server are minimized as data is combined in single file. Data downloaded is minimized. And Overall application load time is improved although functionality remains same.

I hope you enjoyed the series bundling and minification and definitely bundling and minification will improve your application performance.

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