TypeScript Project in Visual Studio 2012

TypeScript Project in Visual Studio 2012

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that combines type checking and static analysis, explicit interfaces, and best practices into a single language and compiler. TypeScript enables great tooling experiences for JavaScript development. You are writing client-side JavaScript to run on Windows, Internet Explorer, and any other browsers and operating systems, or whether you're writing server-side JavaScript to run on Windows Azure and other servers and clouds.

How to Start a Project

Step 1

First of all we open Visual Studio 2012 and take the TypeScript application project shown under Visual C# and called HTML Application with TypeScript.


Step 2

After performing this action the project has been created; your new project should look like this:


Step 3

Then when you press F5 or click on Debug it will tell you that you need a Web.Config file to enable debugging, as in:


Step 4

When you click Ok, the project should start in your browser and finally you are good to go.




class Greeter {

    element: HTMLElement;

    span: HTMLElement;

    timerToken: number;


    constructor (element: HTMLElement) {

        this.element = element;

        this.element.innerText += "The time is: ";

        this.span = document.createElement('span');


        this.span.innerText = new Date().toUTCString();



    start() {

        this.timerToken = setInterval(() => this.span.innerText = new Date().toUTCString(), 500);



    stop() {





window.onload = () => {

    var el = document.getElementById('content');

    var greeter = new Greeter(el);









    <title>TypeScript HTML App</title>





    <h1>First TypeScript HTML App Demo</h1>




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